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eLearning and the NZC Principles: A principal's sabbatical report


On the Educational Leaders' site: Kevin Payne of Cloverlea School set out to investigate how schools are implementing the revised New Zealand curriculum with an emphasis on the future focus dimension of the principles, and e-learning.

Key findings included:

  • All of the schools I visited had established a set of beliefs / values that over arch everything that happens within the school. These have been developed in consultation with the community and in most cases with students.
  • In most of the schools topics were based conceptually around identified Big Ideas or Enduring Understandings. Topics were presented through an Inquiry Model that had been developed by the school. Key Competencies are integrated into the programme and in most cases are infused into the culture of the school. The Future Focus dimensions are integrated into the programme through the Big Ideas.
  • The use of ICT varied considerably between the schools. This depended on availability of resources and the level of importance the school gave it.
e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

Exploring leadership for change, vision, policy and strategy that integrates ICTs into learning.