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Madmacnz's Minecraft bookmarks on Delicious


The bookmarks I'm gathering, with links to research related to gaming and Minecraft, tips, how to play, how to get started, how to use it in a school and more...


  • Nicki

    Hi Carol, long time no hear.

    I should have contacted you first, before attempting my journey Carol.  You are fantastic.  I am trying to use Minecraft to inspire reluctant writers.  Any other suggestions.


  • Carol Kendall

    Hi Nicki!

    I suggest you ask that very question in the discussion area. I haven't quite got to that yet, but did see one of my bookmarks was to a school that had older students creating 'theater' scripts, then creating scenes and developing the characters in Minecraft and recording the 'performances'.

    Minecraft as Theater - FBUS 6th Grade

    I'm sure we'd all be keen to hear any ideas you come across - what age group are you working with? Smile

  • Nicki

    Thanks Carol.  Will add question to discussion area.  Working with Year 7/8.  Am trying to use Minecraft to inspire reluctant writers in my class.  Have so far tried getting them to play for 5 - 10 minutes then writing as if they in within the game.  It does seem to be working, but it might just be the novelty factor of Minecraft.

    Am looking forward to following your minecraft blog.