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iPad As....


This web resources lets you start with what you want your students to be able to do- then you get links to app option that allow them to do that.



  • Karen Spencer

    I think this kind of site can be useful, Allanah, in that it shifts the focus on to the learning activity a little, and helps focus the mind on the purpose of the app rather than the app itself:) Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they'll add a few other categories that could be added, such as storytelling using drama-related apps like Puppet Pals.

    What is interesting, and is probably worth noting, is how certain apps can get boxed into categories when they can do more than one thing, such as Evernote which can support organisation as well as note-taking. I'm also pondering the way apps for 'study' are actually focused on quizzes...

    But putting those wee thoughts aside, however, I think sites that focus on the affordances of software, especially for folk who might just be getting started, is always a good way in Cool

  • DiWilkes

    OMG!  This is amazeballs!  Thank you for sharing the cool tools you discover on your own learning journey- know that it is much appreciated by many, many people.  I agree with some of the points that Karen highlighted but what a fantastic place for teachers who are new (or not so new) to start.  Cheers.

  • Allanah King

    Amazeballs- I like that!! The amazing things that you come across on the Twitter!!! I think of myself like a bit of a filter- filtering the good stuff from the interwebs!!! LOL

  • Lynley Schofield

    This is a great link- well worth exploring. Thanks Allanah

  • Sinead Grimes

    A great find Allanah! As one of the "overwhelmed " who is just getting started, I find this type of help is priceless.

    Am I interpreting the info re Reflection (now called Reflector?) correctly when it says it can be linked to a mac only? I was hoping to purchase this for classrooms which only have PC's/ laptops in order for them to be able to mirror ipad content to their data projector...

    Anybody using it to link with a laptop out there???



  • Allanah King

    I am an Apple girl now but I see that Reflector has an Apple OR a PC download so you should be good to use.



  • Jess Ormsby

    Allanah!  This is awesome!  Thanks heaps for continuing to share your mātauranga with us all - and making it manageable for those of us who are still newbies to the app scene! 


    Kia ora anō

    Kia pai tō hararei