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Step by Step guide to deploying tablets in education


We’re constantly hearing chatter about deploying iPads in classrooms. For good reason, as iPads represent the vast majority of tablets in the market today. However, schools can’t always afford these premium devices and instead opt for lower priced Android tablets. That’s exactly what theLearning Untethered project did for a 5th grade classroom during the past academic year. They’ve just released a must-read report that details every aspect of how it went.


  • Enchante

    I read that late last year. It is an interesting read.

    I would love to go Android for my school. I am an avid andoird user having a Nexus 3 and Samsaung 10.1

    The problem stems from quality apps not just in educational ones but ones that make learning useful. Apple app like reflection just doesn't exist for Android unless you root your device which isn't doable for a school.

    However, in saying that, schools can use this template and run with it. The Nexus 7inch is a brilliant tablet, fast and uses up to date OS. The Original Samsung 7" was a piece of poo.