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Meraki Mobile Device Management | admin


  • Steven Wills

    Had a look over this and it looks a winner. Question: is this something you need to have going from the outset. Is there just one account for installing apps? What happens to the accounts already created? 

  • Allanah King

    I haven't tried it myself. Only found out about it this morning but would be keen to give it a go. Want to be a crash test dummy with me?? 

  • Steven Wills

    Keen as. Jacques from NIS spoke to me the other day about staff PD. I'm not sure how they're currently managing the 40 ipads they have and this looks like an ideal opprtunity to try it out.

  • Brendon White

    Who has started and is successfully using Meraki to manage their devices?  I am looking for a viable alternative to update our devices wirelessly.