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Bundlr: CORE Education's Modern Learning Environments bundle


Curated collection of examples of modern learning environments. Inspiring, beautiful, functional school buildings. Because schools should be places where dreams come true.


  • Luke Dyer


    Iwas truly blown away and inspired with the collection of visuals and resources you have collected, and with case of ASC been a part of.

    My journey into learning space design began with a visit to ASC, Stonefields and Somerlands last year as part of the Central Otago group and have since begin my practical journey with my class this year (some postings at www.dukelyer.wordpress.com).

    I think what we also need to collect and celebrate the number 8 wire learning spaces that occur in NZ schools.  Summerlands was a great example of making furniture that you can source, not purchase, work for the students. With a recycled couch and bookshelf you can create rooms within rooms and quiet or collaborative spaces.

    Really looking forward to collaborating and questioning and putting minds together in this group.

  • Sally Hart

    Hi Mark, awesome spaces, very inspiring. Here are a few more inspiring learning spaces, inside and out... Makes me want to play as well... http://www.thecoolhunter.com.au/kids/Corbus-Building-Gains-A-Creature/

  • Tessa Gray

    Wow stunning, thanks for sharing Mark. I wish I could go back to school!

    More localised stories of dynamic learning spaces, can be found in the Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces thread in Enabling e-Learning - Teaching group.

  • Mark Osborne

    Thanks Luke. I'd love to see some 'number 8 wire' modern learning environments. Not all of us are lucky enough to working in brand-new, custom-built spaces, but if the desire for the pedagogy is strong enough, the tools will be found.