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Ministry of Education examples of MLEs


A number of schools, both new and old, have successfully implemented the modern learning environment (MLE) criteria to create 21st century learning environments for their students.

This page will be updated regularly with new examples to help inform and inspire schools to remodel their schools.


  • Elicia Pirini

    Kia Ora my name is Elicia Pirini at St Thomas More Scholl in Mt Maunganui.  we are in the early stages of the journey of moving towards MLE.  As a staff we have brainstormed everything we have heard (positive/negative)

    We hav now been asked to research to extend our knowledge base.  I have gone into 'Geek' mode and just saturated myself with anything I could find on-line. Here are some of the paths I have gone down: watched every MLE video on edtalk and a few more on utube.  Read articles by Hattue, Katie Novak (UDL), Kenn Fisher, Nair Parkash/Randy Fielding and others.  Read Sabbatical reports about MLE and I felt enlightened but the main thing people were worried about was noise level. In everything I watched or read nothing came up that mentioned an issue with noise.  My questions are:  Is noise a significant issue? OR is it one of things that needs to be worked on within your collaborative dialogue on a regular basis?  I have to admit I tend to be a big picture person and the devil in the detail is something I tend to overlook.  The principal posed this scenario; if a parent wete to ask you, how would you respond?  Are you able to point me in some kind of direction!



  • Clive Francis

    this has been replaced by the ILE website