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The NZ iSchool


An interesting story via the New Zealand Herald about Bucklands Beach and the way they have integrated technology through their school:

"Bucklands Beach Intermediate, with a roll of 850, has a long association with computers, having started with BBCs back in the early 1990s.

As for devices, BBI experimented with iPods a few years ago but found them too small, from a pure readability viewpoint, to be useful.

Bucklands Beach is an Apple-using school, but is finding the distinction blurring between that and other platforms thanks to increased usability, compatibility, cloud services and wireless networks. Also, Bucklands Beach has iPads, with 50 available for whoever books them...."


Lenva Shearing discusses the way they have used particular types of devices and the impact she believes this had had. The comments underneath are rather provocative but make for interesting reading, too.

e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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