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10+ Ways of raising student achievement in literacy through e-learning


  • Gaylene

    I have just viewed this presentation. Wish I was there to see/ hear it live!

    I am unable to access the literacy learning progressions as they are blocked by watchdog. Any ways around this?

  • Jill Hammonds

    Hi Gaylene.  I am just in the process of reorganising information in this community, so you can in fact watch several videos of me in action.  Check out the Why e-Literacy section on the left navigation for my EDTalks and then in the Writing section there are some classroom practice examples that show me working in classes with e-Learning tools and then debriefing with their teachers afterwards.

    Re Watchdog, this can be sorted quite easily.  I suggest you talk to your principal who will hopefully know the process, but who otherwise can get your techie to free this up.  I believe with Watchdog this can take up to 24 hours to action.  The default setting is very secure and often wipes out anything interactive, so much content will need freeing up over time.

    Good luck with your hunting and do keep in touch and ask all the questions you want.  Lovely to see you in here.

    Cheers, Jill