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e learning Korero 16


  • Andrea van Tol

    As lead ICt within our school. We have spent 3 years on ICTPD for our staff and students. The e-Learning framework has come in at the right time for us and is a good measure for where our school sits on an e-Learning continuim. We can see our next logical steps for teaching and learning, student management and connectivity. The framework provides us with a direction and purpose in catering to 21st century learners although in a small rural school, things just don't happen as quick as we'd wich them too and finances can become tight when prioritising funds to areas of need. It takes a good argument with evidence when facing an old fashioned board who don't seem to see the full benefit of updating our school with all the fancy bits as they call it.

    The Framework is an advantage to providing the big picture and the outlook for future implementation and use of the variety of tools for a variety of purposes including school management systems

  • Karen Wellington

    Korero 16:

    Our school has been involved with an ICT learning cluster for the last 3 years. It has been quite a major operation with a large number of schools participating throughout the Wellington region. For me (one who is an extremely capable typist and knows my way around a PC pretty well and that’s about it), it has been a wonderful experience sharing the amazing wealth of knowledge that comes from collegiality with other teachers. Teachers know what you can and can’t do, and what children are capable of. Teachers are busy people and want workable ideas that they can latch onto and use straight away.

    It has made us all think really carefully about making sure the infrastructure is sound. Spend a little money at the beginning to ensure there will be no problems at the other end. Deciding on what types of computers/ICT equipment/devices to be used is huge. As soon as you’ve purchased a brand new device, it’s already out of date with new products being invented all of the time.

    It has shown me that there is huge disparity amongst schools also. Higher decile schools tend to have parents and people in the community who are computer savvy and who have time and access to huge amounts of resources that lower decile schools tend not to have. It’s not because the lower decile schools haven’t invested wisely – there just isn’t the money. However, what it has done is forced us to be creative. It is amazing what you can do with very little. At the same time, it’s also essential to have a savvy ICT/techy person to be able to assist with the little things that may prevent you from being able to do activities. It may take a techy person 5 minutes what would take you hours to figure out.

    We have techy brekkies, to help us keep fresh with what’s going on in our school as we feel it’s an important way for everyone to share ideas, and keep the momentum up on helping our students into being 21st Century learners.