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Does BYOD really mean Share Your Own Device? | at the virtual chalkface


I agree. When I use my stuff I don't like people using it. Would they replace it if it broke, would they damage it, would they log out of stuff I don't want to be logged out of, would they mind their own business?

If schools are going down the BYOD line with a view to those who bring their gear having to share it they are sadly mistaken.


In my opinion the school should provide for those who do not/can not provide their own device- not other children.


What do you think?


  • Josie Woon

    No I think the purpose of BYOD is for children to be able to set their device up for themselves and then utilise this on a daily basis.  It would defeat the purpose off BYOD as a parent, you would do this thinking your child had this to work on daily.  So I can see it from both sides.  BYOD oils about the child being empowered to use this all day at home and school and if they are having to share this it become a 'classroom' device and loses its purpose.  Plus as you said Allannah if damage occurred I can guarantee all of a sudden fit would be handed back to the owner as their problem to sort.  

    We ended to protect parents investment & give the child the device with all th responsibility that goes along with this.