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Here are a list of apps for androids shared by Doug Drysdale


  • Chrissie Butler

    Hi Barbara, this is so timely. I was chatting with a group of teachers this morning about finding some starting points for surfing Android apps. They will be very appreciative and so am I.

    Are you using any yourself?

  • Barbara Reid

    Glad it was useful. I have an ipad which I love. However, one of my schools has Androids so always on the lookout for good apps for them. 

  • Simon Evans

    Thanks for sharing these. I am always on the look out for a 'Educationally useful' apps. There are so many to get through.

    Software for Learning has a few up on its site but its only a flavour of a few that they know have been successfully used in the classrooms around New Zealand.

  • Barbara Reid

    I am on the lookout for some creating apps such as a slideshow where I can add images and audio  and also a whiteboard type app where students can add content with audio, which will embed on a blog. Any suggestions?