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7 Myths About BYOD Debunked


Myth No. 1: BYOD deepens the digital divide

Myth No. 2: BYOD will result in lessons geared toward the weakest device.

Myth No. 3: BYOD will cause students to be distracted.

Myth No. 4: Teachers need to become experts in all the technology students own.

Myth No. 5: BYOD will result in students engaging in dangerous activities.

Myth No. 6: Cell phones are not that powerful, so we should not waste our time with them.

Myth No. 7: BYOD will necessitate the standardization of apps and software across all devices.


  • Monika Kern

    Thanks, Barbara, I really enjoyed reading this. Heaps of food for thought... While I haven't done extensive study on this, my gut feeling agrees with this.

    I work at a Decile 1 Intermediate School, and we have been trying to pump quite a bit of money into our ICT area to provide more devices to our students - we 'don't do BYOD' at this stage, in fact students are not allowed to bring phones and other devices to school (which does not stop some of them from bringing them anyway).

    A great concern within staff is that the kids' devices could get broken, misplaced or stolen. How do other schools deal with this? Even if our families have home contents insurance, would that cover for an item while it is at school, and most these devices would be under the excess probably anyway?!

    Many thanks!