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Teacher Registration Criteria resource


The Registered Teacher Criteria wiki has a page devoted to each of the twelve criteria with ideas on how teachers could be demonstrating they are meeting the criteria through the use of e-learning. The links contained within each page illustrate how other educators have used e-learning tools in a way that directly relates to the criteria or link to e-learning tools that, if used effectively, could support teachers in meeting the criteria.

Teachers and schools could use this resource in a number of ways;

  • It could help them to identify how their current practice in e-learning relates to the criteria in order to write to this in official appraisal documents;
  • It can provide examples of how other educators are using e-learning in relation to the criteria in order to help teachers develop their own practice and set goals;
  • It can be used by school leaders to support teachers to develop goals related to the criteria which incorporate e-learning.