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Virtual Learning Network: Term One School & Leadership Contexts


I agree with your points about visiting the school and
seeing the physical environment.  I like the suggestion to talk to the caretaker of the school.  A lecturer at Teachers College always said you can tell a lot about a school from the person who answers the phone and their manner.

I’d also ask a range of people in the community how the school is perceived.

Attending an assembly is a good idea.  If possible also speaking to a group of students
like the student council or senior student leaders and ask them about their
school and ideas they have.  Obviously also giving them the opportunity to ask questions of you.

In a secondary school when looking at results I would suggest looking at statistical data not only in participation results for NCEA but also the 1st July rate. 

Other questions or information I would inquiry about is the exclusion rates of students. 

What student participation is there in sport and cultural activities?

Other key questions to be asking a BOT is about the financial situation of the school and are there any legal processes (personal grievances
etc.)  in place.