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When it comes to technology, teachers need as much scaffolding as students


This is an interesting blog post looking at the issues around how to develop teacher confidence so that ICT integration is across subject areas and is sustainable. While some of the ideas suggested are already happening in some schools, there are sections that still ran true for me. Schools providing voluntary 20 minute techie brekkies as the main form of ICT professional development and expecting this to be enough support for teachers to make changes to their practice are going to be disappointed from my experience. I also agree with not having ICT lessons taken by an 'expert' in isolation if you want system wide changes. Finally, I do think that our teacher education institutions need to be working with students to help them be more conversant with the use of technology by the time they start teaching.  Where there any things in here that rang true for you? What things do you think we do well in New Zealand and what things would you agree need more of a focus?