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iPads for Learning Getting Started


A very good resource that focusses more on the why of iPad use than a list of apps- but it does have a list of apps as well.


  • Enabling e-Learning

    Thanks for sharing this resource, Allanah. It certainly emphasises the importance of ensuring that the curriculum planning drives the use of this (or any) technology. For New Zealand teachers, there is much in the resource that already aligns nicely to how we think about teaching and learning in the NZC (e.g. the importance of inquiry).

    The resource also lines up well with our e-Learning Planning Framework dimensions in that:

    • Teaching and Learning: "Learning activities integrate technologies appropriately to support authentic, higher order, collaborative learning." (Extending phase)
    • Infrastructure and Technologies are provided in ways that respond to what students need, and align with the school's vision for learning.


    Karen M