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Twitter / @joedale: Connect iPad via VGA conne ...


Connect iPad via VGA connector to projector. Use iPhone 4S to FaceTime iPad. Mute both. Flip iPhone camera to point away from u. Thoughts?

This from Joe- you could do this to project live camera/video wirelessly in class.


  • Louis Heap

    Very useful. If you can get hold of Apple TV and an HDMI compatible projector (be persuasive with your Board!!) you can mirror the iPad camera directly.

  • Allanah King

    Now that would be nice but as my school doesn't actually have any iPads I think the chances are slim!

  • Daniel Alcock

    We did just this very thing the other day, we had speech finals in one room and a group of children who were going to be coming and going watching it live on television in the next room so they didn't disturb the speeches. 

    We used two iPads with FaceTime running on both and the one watching the speeches used the rear camera . The sound quality was surprisingly good. I wonder though... Is there an app that would allow us to do this with just the one iPad mirroring with sound at the same time?

  • Allanah King

    I wonder if Reflectionapp http://www.reflectionapp.com/  would manage it. I have only every used Reflection while the iPad and laptop are nearby.

    You could mirror the iPad to your laptop in the next room.