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TEDxNYED Heidi Hayes Jacobs 03/05/11


As Executive Director of the Curriculum Mapping Institute and President of Curriculum Designers, Inc., Dr. Jacobs is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction. She has served as an education consultant to schools nationally and internationally on issues and practices pertaining to: curriculum mapping, dynamic instruction, and 21st century strategic planning.

What year are we preparing our students for.
New Literacies media, global, digital (engaging students)
Against Reform - against twecking, new school versions, not twecking existing, new types of teachers
Upgrades - replacing dated: content, replacing dated: assessment, replacing dated: skills, new genre
digital portfolio
modernising curriculum
Design an app to solve a specific problem
New form for school, make one change to one unit, developing teachers
Levels of learning, Too many meetings, space, virtual and physical

"get time out of the way, move aside, think about all the connections that are possible, and what I am looking for, are future schools now".