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Research supporting the benefits of technology in reading and writing


A compilation of research that outlines the benefits of technology in supporting readers and writers, from the Innovative Educator blog. 

The reports have US lens on them at times, but it is a useful starting point. Do you have a piece of research that you refer to, for ICT-enhanced literacy teaching?


  • Tessa Gray

    Hi there, last year this paper came out from Education counts.

    Literacy Teaching and Learning in e –Learning Contexts
    Author: Sue McDowall for CORE Education and New Zealand Council for Educational Research
    Published: June 2010
    This paper focuses on the findings from the e-fellowship research which highlights how e-Learning contexts can be used effectively to support literacy teaching. "In a multi-media age it is no longer sufficient to teach students how to make meaning solely of and with print texts."(Chapter 6, page 61). However, some people may feel that working in a digital realm may hinder reading and writing achievement. The findings from this study show an increase in achievement in both reading and writing, "especially for students with a history of underachievement in these areas." (Chapter 6, page 61). Something worth thinking about when unpacking National Standards for literacy.

    and further back...

    Dorothy Burt carried out some research on ICTs and the impact on oral literacy @ http://www.ptengland.school.nz/index.php?family=1,219,16431 with a link to Jane Nicholl's research on Social Software and Authentic Literacy Learning. Dorothy's subsequent work around literacy cycles has been useful as well. Well worth reading.