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Musicnet Summary to 15 May 2022

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou

We’re halfway through NZ Music Month but it’s not too late to get involved. Have a read of all of the great ways that the NZ Music Commission has on offer. Perhaps you and your colleagues could have a go at the daily Heardle? (Guess the track with only short parts played). 


Three administration points to help the smooth running of Musicnet. 

  1. If you post a message and get a rejection email, please read the content of the email as it contains the reason why it’s been rejected. 

  2. If you post a message and you don’t see it come through like other Musicnet emails do into your inbox, please check the archive first. Some members of the list don’t see their own messages. If you can’t see it there, then please email me directly and I’ll follow it up. 

  3. Please consider that Musicnet is an email list and so once an email has been sent, it can’t be ‘unsent’ to the 1600 members. Messages can be removed from the archives. 


Summary to 15 May 2022


General (for all Music Levels including Primary)

Timpani travel boxes for sale. 

Ableton Learning Synths website has an a number of updates and now can expert to Ableton Live. 

Resource supporting the recent digitisation of the Give It A Whirl NZ Music series was shared by Shane. 

A Matariki and Taonga Puoro resource has been shared from the Christchurch City Council. 

A lengthy and insightful thread about how to help a flute student having trouble reading notes on the lower stave

Video showing the compositional process that could be good for senior students. 



Regional moderation forums for the Entertainment and Event Technology Unit Standards are being proposed. Answer the survey about what will be of most benefit to you. 

Learning Ideas 2022 Exam Pack is available. 


Student opportunities

Waikato University Composition competition. 

NZ Choral Federation Composition competition. 

NZSO Sing-songwriter showcase entries are due 25th May. 

Auckland Jazz Competition entries are open. 

Peace Song competition.


Professional Development and Events

Andrew Stopps has a number of new resources out. 



Vocal teacher in CHCH

Choir teacher in Waikato

Drum teacher in AKL

Vocal teacher/Choir director in AKL


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo


TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet