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Musicnet summary 14 April - Term 1

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou


Welcome to the end of what seems like a very long 11 week Term 1. I’m thankful for all of your contributions over the last 4 months. Musicnet members posting questions, answering queries and sharing resources is what makes this community so valuable. Some of you have colleagues around you, whilst others are sole-charge, or in isolated areas. 


As always, take a break these holidays. Have a cup of tea and do something for you!


The list will continue to run over the holidays.


Summary to 14 April 2022


General (for all Music Levels)

A tool for drummers to practice their kick peddling

Drive around the streets and listen to a local radio station. 

Do you teach ​​contemporary commercial/Popular culture music? Jo is conducting Masters research and would love to have some responses to her survey. 


How does sampling fit in music creation? Nicholas asked in relation to NCEA, but the discussion thread went wider and I’d encourage everyone to have a read and consider responding. 


Primary/Junior music

Free resources and updates from Andrew Stopps. 



Hazel is starting a junior band at her high school. Her students have 0-2 yrs of ​​. What songs would you recommend?

Christine is looking for help with a L2 Rap song choice. 

Is an electric guitar a different instrument than a classical guitar? How about a Violin and a Cello? Read this thread and find out what other music teachers think. 


Professional Development and Events

Mixing Techniques for teachers by Learning Ideas. An advanced course is being added to the Beginner and Intermediate courses.

The Young Jazz Band-It competition is open for entries. 

Transglobal weekend of music May 13-15


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo


TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet