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Summary of Musicnet to 6 March 2022

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou


These last two weeks I’ve been hearing about great new ideas about what teachers are planning for 2022. This includes ways of them finding out about new music and it’s made. Personally, I sometimes find myself listening to the music I already know, or similar. How do you find new music? 


This week I’d like to highlight a new addition to the TKI online resources which I’ve already shared here before. Whilst the overall review and renewal of TKI resource bank is underway, one resource “Counting the Beat: Analyzing Aotearoa Pop Songs, for Music Studies Level 2” has been added. Have a look at the other resources there whilst you’re at it. 


The Youthtown Songwriting Competition is now open. The prize, for 65 year 9-11 students is to have their song recorded in a studio, mastered and distributed. Have a read and why not try something different this year? 


Summary to 6 March 2022


General (for all Music Levels)

The four chord song thread continues. 

Do you know of any heavy metal musicians who are influenced by classical music? 

Rawyn is looking for composition competitions (for string quartet, small groups etc) for her students to enter. 

Any tips for a first time Musical director for a production? Put in any tips in this thread.  



Is the Bach Cello Prelude in G Maj suitable for level 3 performance? Some great advice in this thread. 

What rhythm songs do you use with junior secondary students? 

Supplementary information about the Accord Days (teacher only days) for 2022. 


Professional Development and Events

Auckland Arts Festival Creative Learning Online Program has launched. 



Piano in Sumner. 

Piano in AKL. 

Piano and Drums in Hastings. 

Drums in AKL. 


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo


TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet