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Musicnet Summary 28 Feb 2022

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou


Wow! We’re nearly at March already. It seems like the startup busyness of the school year has just intensified over the last week. I’ve been really encouraged by the support that the members of Musicnet have offered to colleagues reaching out for help, ideas and direction as they navigate changing circumstances. 


Remember that anyone can send ask a question or share a resource via musicnet@lists.tki.org.nz. Perhaps if you haven’t contributed, or asked a question before, March could be the month that you post your first message…….


Summary to 28 Feb 2022


General (for all Music Levels)

Refresh your knowledge of the Covid-19 guidelines direct from the MoE and a clarification about group rehearsals. 

Some creative solutions for running orchestral rehearsals were shared.

Alison has offered to share her research into Wellbeing in the Arts and cognitive development. Did you got to Nirvana 30 years ago? If you did (or didn’t) you can listen to a bootleg of it here

MENZA’s eNotes have gone out. Did you get yours directly in your inbox? If not contact MENZA to check your membership is up to date. 

A thread on Curricular Music and Co-curricula music includes a range of positions on how to navigate it in your school.

NZ String Quartet Bitesize Masterclasses have been launched.   

What are your ‘must have’ resources for teaching music? Fill out this short form that MENZA is compiling to help support teachers. 

AudioCulture’s latest newsletter is out and full of great resources and information about NZ Music. 

Chris is making a list of 4 chord songs he will share. 

Matt has made some resources for music teachers including theory, performance and modern songwriting. Check the full list here. 

Andrew has made a new “Create, Listen and Perform” resource for junior music. 



Want to see Primary school students take part in an opera based on Little Red Riding Hood? The performance at the Michael Fowler Center is now online. 



Round the world ideas for Yr 7 & 8. 



Menza have shared resources for teaching online, including a drag and drop collaboration space. 

Tips for managing practice room bookings. 

Secondary School teacher only days for 2022 are set. 


Professional Development and Events

The Big Sing is open for registrations.

The University of Auckland is offering Jazz workshops in 2023. Contact them directly to find out more. 

Conductor training basics in May, AKL. 



Various at Kedgley Music Center AKL

Drums in Taranaki

Organist in AKL. 

Guitar in WLG. 

Guitar and Piano in AKL.

Piano, Guitar and Drums in AKL. 

Guitar in AKL. 

El Guitar in AKL.

Drums in AKL. 

Administrator (Part time) for Music Education Canterbury. 


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo

TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet