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Musicnet Summary to 25 Nov 2021

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou
Quite a lot has happened in the 2 weeks since the last Musicnet summary. There has been level changes in the North Island, NCEA exams started and earlier this week I heard a track from the Maria Carey Christmas album. So that means we’re on the slope towards Christmas, with 1st Dec next week a signal for many that there isn’t much time left in the year. 


A special thanks to those that posted a question or a response this year. This community wouldn’t exist without you. For the forth year running, I’ve started a  “One thing you changed this year” thread. Whilst some topics make regular appearances, others surprise me.


Also an advanced warning that I’ll be taking a break from moderating the list over the summer. The last morning of moderation will be Friday the 17th Dec, and I’ll begin again on the 27th Jan 2021. Like the majority of teachers this year, I’m pretty tired, and I encourage you all to take as much of a break as you can, otherwise you’ll begin the year already tired!


Summary to 25 Nov 2021


General (for all Music Levels)
A songwriting project at Te Kura was outlined in this thread. Get some ideas for what you could do next year. 
In a similar vein, there are two threads about putting out a school album of covers, and originals. 
Do you know of community performing arts/music opportunities for a school leaver in Palmerston North
Leni has a studio box for sale. 
The latest AudioCulture newsletter has lots of great resources you could use for your 2022 planning. 
Matching the NZ Curriculum with year levels is discussed in this thread. 


The Arts Curriculum Learning Area Lead, Jenny Williams has shared her insights in the latest newsletter and includes some resources for the Teacher Only Days. 
For your 2022 planning, here are some great ideas for Level 1-3 solo pieces. 
If you missed them, the latest version of the new NCEA Level 1 standards are out. 
Georgia is looking for a ‘big idea’ which incorporates both research and analysis for Level 1 and 2, including the MPA standards. Do you have any ideas for modern Maori songs that she could choose? 


Professional Development and Events
Andrew has lots of PD and resources on offer for teachers. Have a look at his website. 
Learning Ideas have their Mixing Techniques for Teachers courses on offer again for 2022, including an advanced course to build on the beginner and intermediate levels. 
The NZ Opera program for 2022 is out!
NZ Chamber Contest dates are out!
The postponed MENZA conference of April 2022 is now pushed further back to October 2022 in Tauranga. 
The NZ Music Commission Industry Internship Program has applications open for students in positions across NZ. (Including Golden Bay!)




Ngā mihi


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