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Summary of Musicnet to 3 Sept 2021

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou

Term 3 began with no indication that education would once again be transformed by Covid-19. Within the space of a few days, festivals, school productions and conferences were cancelled and you once again found yourself teaching online. Whilst not the uncharted waters that it was in March 2020, it was still unexpected and for some schools, a stressful scramble. Once again I thank the members of Musicnet or offered that lifeline to teachers who needed technical or emotional support once it became clear that this is going to take a while. This term is traditionally a very busy time for music teachers and I really hope that you’re able to figure out how to look after your well-being heading into Term 4. 


The upcoming MENZA conference in Tauranga has been postponed till early 2022. Details are here, including the plan for a number of online workshops to take place this October in lieu of a conference this year. 


The re-launched Kiwi Kids Songs is all ready to go but has unfortunately been halted due to the Ministry of Education wanting to make an in-person press event, which isn’t currently possible due to Covid-19 restriction. As soon as I get an update on it’s release I’ll share it on Musicnet. 


Summary to 3 Sept 2021


General (for all Music Levels including Primary)

Benee interview about her experience during lockdown. 

Online Covid-19 MENZA resources

More online resources including a number of TV series. 

Jane’s listening resource got a resounding number of thumbs up. 

Please check the “To” and “CC” before hitting send on an email reply. Some of you are sending it to the list and a few other members of the list. 

Do you use Sibelius on an iPad

What are the best midi keyboards for a class? 

HOA project is offering personal zoom calls during lockdown for teachers. 

A well-being checksheet was shared. 

Musical theatre ideas for a 15yr old male. 

The Panthers series, currently on TVNZ on demand has a great soundtrack and connection with the band Herbs. Have a look at the AudioCulture link here. 

How do you teach students online with no instruments

The Learning Ideas Mixing course for teachers online still has some gaps. 

This thread discusses good beat-making apps for students. 



Change of date for NCEA exams and recognition of learning credits. 

Learning Ideas is giving away some of its’ resources and offering a discount whilst Level 4 lockdown affects you. 

This thread discusses how to prepare your students for exams with home learning. 


Professional Development and Events



Sax, Clarinet, Recorder vacancy in AKL.

Brass in AKL.  

Vocal in CHCH. 

Ngā mihi


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