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Summary of Musicnet to 13 August 2021

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou

It’s been a busy few weeks this term, and the lack of the usual weekly summary from me is an indication. There has been quite a few discussions around content across different levels and its great to see what advice teachers are giving. Of course there has been an increasing amount of NCEA email traffic. I realise that for non-NCEA teachers, these emails are possibly not very relevant and just fill up your musicnet email folder. However I hope you’ll understand about the importance of Muscinet being a (possibly only) platform for teachers to share their thoughts and listen to other perspectives on the changes that have been proposed. 


To all teacher who will be affected by the NCEA changes, I strongly encourage you to spend 5mins before 5pm today, filling out the two surveys. Even if you are in favour of everything, the Ministry of Education needs to know that. 


Summary to 13th August 2021


General (for all Music Levels)

Looking at Maori and Pasifika achievement in Music. 

A blog post about a production of Junior Aladdin using digital technology. 

Musescore vs Noteflight

How do you use out of school music lesson funding? 

Jeni is leading a group to create documents for music educators to promote positive behaviour in our spaces after the recent articles regarding the unacceptable behaviour of some educators. Contact her directly. 


New music video series for students to understand and navigate their big emotions. 



How to access Exam materials from past exams. 

Kat shared her Level 1 exam revision sheet. 

Auditions for AKL University, NZ School of Music in WLG including Jazz


Professional Development and Events

MENZA He Honga biannual conference 11-13 OCT early bird is closing on Monday. Register now!

Learning Ideas Online Mixing course and NCEA Exam packs. 

Andrew Stopps is visiting schools for workshops and PLD in Term 3. 

Chamber Music NZ in Napier, Wellington, Dunedin, Invercargill in Sept. 

NZ String Quartet throughout NZ in August-Sept. 

Auckland Primary Principals Music Festival in NOV. 

University of AKL Open day 28 Aug. 


Program Manager - Education for Auckland Arts Festival. 

Vocal Coach in AKL. 

Looking for work

Vocal tutor in AKL

Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo


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