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Summary of Musicnet to 8 July 2021

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou
Well done on making it to the end of term! I can’t believe where the first half of the year has gone! In my weekly conversations with Music educators around the motu, it seems that most are not quite as tired as this time last year, but still knackered. As always, I strongly encourage you to carve out a few days for yourself in the holidays to sleep in, breathe and do some creative things for yourself. I know the *insert marking/planning/resource making etc* is important, but taking some time to recover is important and it will mean you’ll start Term 3 with a bit more energy. 


I’d like to thank you all for your contributions to the Musicnet community as it helps everyone. I don’t have the time-funding to answer every question, and so the list relies on the goodwill of its members to answer questions. Alongside the NCEA review, there is a review of the various Ministry of Education and NZQA websites and they’ll be made into a single location. Musicnet is going to change in the future as part of that and it’s unknown what that will mean. What I do know is that statistics of usage of the email network will feed directly into that conversation. We’re currently sitting at nearly 1600 subscribers, but it’s the active users that are important. 


Two-week summary to 8 July 2021


General (for all Music Levels)
The New Zealand Curriculum refresh for Primary-Secondary hasl been shared with Senior Leadership in schools, which hopefully has filtered down to your inbox or pigeon hole. Here it is if you’ve missed it. 


Andrew Stopps can create custom-made teaching resources for you. 
Clive’s Online Composing/arranging course is about to return to a paid subscription. 
Te Morena started a thread on Māori and Pacifica achievement. 
Call for papers for the IRMTNZ Conference 25-28 Jan 2022. 
Melodics is offering a free subscription to it’s keyboard, drums and pad drumming app for a year to any student/staff. 
What do you do for singing assemblies? Have a read of this great thread, and contribute any new ideas you might have. 
Dark Side of the Moon MusicWorks resource sought, and Saali is looking for rock/popular/Radiohead for Level 1 Musicworks, and Jono is looking for Stan Walker resources. 
Learning Ideas have released their 2021 NCEA Exam Pack. 
NZQA have special support for AS91270, 91849, 91278. 
Professional Development, Concerts, Events and Competitions
The NZ Secondary Schools Choir is in AKL 17th July. 
Structuring a Secondary Music Program online July 15 and in-person AKL/WLG/CHCH 12-16 July. 
Mahi Rua conference for music education research is happening again in Tauranga 24-25 August with no fees. Any teacher can come and be inspired!
NZSO Young Soloist Showcase and NZSO Singer-songwriter Showcase has opened entries this year for it’s 15th Sept concert. 


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo
TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet