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Term 4 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events

Term 4 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events


Resources Tēnā koutou, talofa lava and welcome to the Enabling e-Learning PLD events on offer for Term 4, 2020.

It's been a busy year, so the Enabling e-Learning team has collated some valuable resources to help you continue to find authentic and innovative ways to integrate e-learning in rich learning opportunities. Feel free to share these resources amongst your teaching and learning communities.

You may also wish to print off the flyer for your staffroom and feel free to tell your friends and colleagues! 

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smiley DISCUSSION POST: Updates Enabling e-Learning Technologies 16 October - 16 November 

We highlight some timely changes to this rich resource from Enabling e-Learning Technologies in TKI. This discussion will be hosted in the Technologies group.

Wood carving smiley  Digital Resource: Using digital tools to support language, culture and place based learning, 22 October

This pick-up-and-go teacher resource captures how digital tools can be used to support inclusive practices that celebrate language, culture and identity. It will link to place-based learning localised curriculum. This resource will be hosted in the Teaching group.

smiley Digital Resource: Integrating digital tools into innovative learning environments4 November 

This pick-up-and-go teacher resource curates ideas for setting up and resourcing innovative learning environments. It will link to future focused, themes, inclusive classrooms and learner agency. This resource will be hosted in the Teaching group. Makerspace

smiley Digital Resource: Exploring digital technologies in STEAM/STEM18 November

This pick-up-and-go teacher resource examples of how digital technologies can be taught through STEAM/STEM and Makerspace pedagogies. It will also link to effective pedagogies, project based learning and student inquiryThis resource will be hosted in the Teaching group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: e-Learning and digital technologies resources going forward, 4 December

In this discussion we end the year by highlighting resources that support educators to teach and lead in future-focused schoolsThis discussion will be hosted in the Professional Learning group.

Your input and ideas are valued and welcome in all of these forum discussions. This is your community, so please feel free to add your ideas, experience, expertise or wonderings. 



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All events can be found in the Enabling e-Learning calendar


smiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: Getting started in an ILE (Innovative Learning Environment), 29 October 7.30am - 5pm

We shine a light on a past event, part of this Enabling e-Learning FORUM: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies? Watch this space for more!

Innovative environment.jpgsmiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: Learning for all 11 November, 7.30am - 5pm

We shine a light on a past event, part of this Enabling e-Learning FORUM: Enabling e-Learning forum: Designing inclusive innovative learning environmentsWatch this space for more!

smiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: Learner centred - design thinking, 25 November 7.30am - 5pm

We shine a light on a past event, part of this Enabling e-Learning FORUM: People-based learning designWatch this space for more!

smiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: What does innovation look like in your school? 9 December 7.30am - 5pm

We shine a light on a past event, part of this Enabling e-Learning FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? Watch this space for more!

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Image sources: Resources, Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images, Pikist: wood carvingFlickr: Clint Hamada some rights reserved "Screens, North Hertfordshire College" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by jisc_infonet