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Summary of Musicnet to 26 June 2020

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By MartinEmo




Kia ora tātou


One week to go for most of you. 

What a marathon. 

I hope you’ve booked a holiday or blocked out time to recover.

Be gentle on what you think you’ll get done these holidays. 


Two-week summary to 26 June 2020


General (for all Music Levels)

Thanks to Ben for highlighting the great Chrome Extension “Transpose”. It allows you to speed up, slow down and change the pitch of youtube videos. 

The Girls Rock Documentary is out. 

The famous Faulty Rocks staff band competition is open for entries. 

Do you have some advice for guitar and bass amps? Or midi keyboards? 

Cheryl has some combined science and music units available. 

Do you have an online class album? Have you used Bandcamp? Ben would like to hear from you. 



Learning Ideas have their 2020 NCEA Music Prelim exams out. 

Some new resources for integrated performing arts and Level 1 NCEA from Belinda, who is finishing up her role as the MENZA Kaiārahi. 

Past exam questions for 3.8 have been compiled by Emi and are uploaded to the teacher resource exchange. 

What do you do you for your open days with prospective yr9s? 


Professional Development and Events

Chamber Music NZ entries close next friday. This includes your score, introduction video and performance video. 

PLD How to video and record student performances by Learning Ideas (Duncan Ferguson) in  CHCH 4-5 July, with Hamilton and AKL depending on registrations. 

Singing workshop in AKL 18th July. 

a href="https://lists.tki.org.nz/sympa/arc/musicnet/2020-06/msg00083.htmlWellington Orchestra Festival 3rd Sept. 

The NZ Junior Piano competition deadline has been extended till the 22nd July. 

The NZSM Te Toki Jazz improvisation competition is now open. 

Free Secondary PLD in AKL 9th Oct, focused on Pūroro and integrating Maori performing Arts. 



Trinity College is looking for examiners to join their examiners pool. The closing date is today 26th June. 


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo


TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator |  Musicnet

Teaching Fellow & Doctoral Student - Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University of Wellington

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