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Visarts Summary 27th January 2020

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By Bridget Blair


Visarts summary to the 27th January 2020


Mauriora - well we are fully immersed in our school year with pre-enrolments and meetings coming out the wazoo already!

The largest thread from last week was on Level 3 results and I have my own thoughts on that - i’ll share those in the thread this week.


Threads last week:

Kelsey from Showquest is looking to connect with Textiles and Visarts teachers for wearable art opportunities associated with this long-running  national event, sculpture is of growing interest but non-specialists are seeking support from current Sculpture teachers, a Sculpture or pottery banding wheel wanted by Ashleigh and the annual Level 3 results post mortem has begun in departments!


For Primary / Junior Secondary 

There are lots of great books out there that are so handy for teaching and creating units around…imageimage

A recent find in the Otautahi library was ‘The school of Art’ - learn how to make great art in 40 simple lessons.

I cannot recommend this highly enough if you are a primary teacher wanting to learn and teach more about the elements of art-making. Each Lesson has something you can apply with your classes.


Matisse’s Garden used as a prompt for Deep Space Sparkle’s Matisse marker drawing video a stop-motion video workshop and this cute claymation. There is another Matisse book aimed at younger students called Drawing with Scissors and you can find lesson plans like this Faber Castell one easily online relating to thisimageimageimage

lesson plan


For Senior Secondary:

A great book on the elements of art and design for senior students is Alan Pipes Foundations of Art and Design


NCEA Review- if you are involved in any aspect of secondary or tertiary education that has involvement with qualifications and NCEA you will be wanting to look at the overview of the review process from the MOE.

Your feedback is being sought by 5.00pm 1 March, 2020 on these Visual Arts - draft documents.


ANZAAE folio sharing project - a growing resource where your students and you can view examples of graded Level 3 physical and digital moving image folio boards from around the country https://sites.google.com/view/anzaae/folio-sharing-project 


Professional reading / links of interest 

The key to a better learning culture - a podcast just as applicable to our team and leadership positions and our classroom culture“it’s not about being like  fake happy, fake nice, it’s about candour and having the right conversations, saying what needs to be said” “You need people to speak up”.

Sleep and Learning Podcast with Dr. Marcos Frank - from Trainugly- might also be good to share with learners.

Mark Wallinger: The artist who wants to provoke pupils' creativity


Kia pai tō wiki 


Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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