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Visarts Summary 20th January 2020


Visarts summary to the 20th January 2020!


Mauriora, talofa lava and kiorana Visartsnet community.

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone enjoyed some quality time with friends and family over the holiday season.

Visartsnet is back up and running after the term break - let the posts begin!


URGENT: NCEA Review- if you are involved in any aspect of secondary or tertiary education that has involvement with qualifications and NCEA you will be wanting to look at the overview of the review process from the MOE.

Your feedback is being sought by 5.00pm 1 March, 2020 on these Visual Arts - draft documents.


Primary and Junior Secondary Art: 



Professional Readings:

These articles are from the Heichinger Report- covering “inequality and innovation in education with in-depth journalism that uses research, data and stories from classrooms and campuses to show the public how education can be improved and why it matters.”

Other teaching links of interest:


Kia pai tō wiki 


Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnet@lists.tki.org.nz from the email account you have signed up with.

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