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Visarts summary 19th Dec 2019


Visarts summary to the 19th December 2019


Mauriora, talofa lava and kiorana Visartsnet community.

For many of you school is out now. For others a bit of annual leave is on the horizon. Please take some time to be present, connect with others in your whanau and community and maybe enjoy some of those physical activities that get pushed aside at a busy end of the year. Happy holidays to you all - I look forward to your posts in the new year. 


Gosh 2020 - it always seemed to be associated with Judge Dredd and futuristic contraptions as a kid! Below (left) the ‘teachers helper’ from a book entitled ‘1975: and the changes to come’ and on the right...the Jetsons using their videophone around 2026



Wellbeing links:

The unforseen consequenses of a fast-paced world - a great TED talk about the impact new tools and technologies are having on the human race

“If you're lucky enough to decide the pace that you want to travel through life, it's a privilege. Use it. “, Now is a chance for you to ponder this and reevaluate what you need to spend up and slow down for 2020.

Netflix’s speed watching trial - a bit of a contrast to the talk above but maybe allows for a few box-sets these hols!


Threads over the past week:

  • John highlighted draft material for Level 1 Visual Arts are published for feedback.

  • Rachel is after some help with Level 3 Sculpture resources

  • Green Bay High was seeking a Photography specialist

  • Dilworth needed a DVC/Art fixed term applicant.

  • The ANZAAE draft programme is out for the 2020 conference.

  • Another version of Lianne’s donut resource was circulated with a ‘cheeky extrapolation’ into bacon!!

  • Permanent part-time at James Hargest advertised

  • NCEA Review of Achievement Standards: Subject expert groups... still seeking members


Design Links:

Colour in Sight- from July summary - excellent 20min documentary, especially relevant to design students but of interest to all.

Meet The In-House Color Guru, Jenn Costantino for Banana Republic and a workshop based on the work of Josef Albers


Visual representation and politics

Memes, politics and social media - they may not be the best looking designs but these N.Z. led strategies are disturbingly sound.

Deep fakes - also a good thing for young people to consider


Social media in schools:

Since June this year restricting break-time access to social media has been in the news. A bid by some schools to reduce the fall-out from online pressures and to encourage more face to face interaction to develop social skills.

Mobile phone ban: Students 'a lot more active' (RNZ report and NZ Herald article)

RNZ tech and children’s relationships at school


Education articles of interest:

Arts education helps school students learn and socialise. We must invest in it

Gonski’s vision of ‘personalised learning’ will stifle creativity and lead to a generation of automatons 


Free art and design resource – Art Zone -an accessible and diverse New Zealand visual art information tool that focuses on early to mid-career artists, designers, curators and their work. Schools can get a special subscription deal of $60 for two years. 


Kia pai tō wā whakatā, meri Kirihimete and ngā mihi mō te Tau Hou,




Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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