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Visarts summary to the 25th Nov 2019


Visarts summary to the 25th November 2019


Kia ora tātou Visartsnet community, where is the year going? I am now in the process of deciding what is actually realistically achievable in the time remaining before school closes for the break as it is clear my wish list was exactly that!


Hopefully at this time of year everybody is finding a bit of time to reflect on their achievements this year - it is not all about the kids!

I am about to post a couple of threads about planning for next year and some photos of our rooms for those who are planning spaces,...


On now / opportunities

Waikato association of art teachers - keenly seeing new members to build on the number so far - great initiative Lianne ! If you are in this region and keen to have the support and camaraderie of a local association contact liannemargaretmoore AT gmail.com 



Threads from the last week

A great thread this week on Aotearoa New Zealand Graphic designers - great for kids to see how great homegrown can be.

I have enjoyed the contrast with the work and ideas of Mumbai type designer Sarang Kulkarni.


  • 1.5 Tattooing - Chloe is keen to know if anyone has done this recently and could share some examples before she embarks on this next year.

  • Abstract Series 2 - Lisa drew our attention to what can be a very inspiring series for students

  • Rob shared a clip and youtube channel on Architectural Drawing and the importance of sketching

  • The Dec 2nd Printmaking workshop is a goer with people filling the last spaces

  • Rowena shared a cool NZ feminist art wikipage

  • Unitec Creative Industries GRADFEST 2019 was n last week.


Primary learning links- I posted these a couple of weeks ago but inclusive holiday art projects have been coming up a lot on the Primary teachers Facebook page so here they are again!

  • Problems with Christmas Curriculum - teaching tolerance - this article makes some good points about celebrating peace, charity and acts of kindness as a way to look forward to a holiday break.

  • Creating an inclusive holiday celebration in your classroom.

  • What is the role of holiday projects in the art room - “Snowmen, Christmas trees, and Santa are pervasive at this time of year. Students see them everywhere as the seasonal excitement builds and builds. The question for art teachers is: Do these images belong in our curriculum, and, if so, how?”

  • Kindness projects (including kindness elves)

  • Unity in Diversity Wreath - this activity is a way for individual students or classes collaboratively to create a circular artwork to celebrate their identity and community.


Kia pai tō wiki 


Bridget Blair

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