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Term 4 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events


2020 vision

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava and welcome back to Term 4. Here are the free Enabling e-Learning community events planned for the next few months to take us out to the end of 2019. This term we summarise some big thinking around Kōrero Mātauranga (school review), look at new ways of looking at PLD with an e-learning lens, tips for gamifying the classroom and look at practical ways to help students travel with their data between schools.

We also highlight resources to support effective integration of digital technologies to enhance language, culture and identify of Māori for Māori and get ourselves ready to implement Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko in 2020.

As always, please feel free to get involved, share experiences and expertise of your own or make contact directly if you have any queries or requests. You may also wish to print off the flyer for your staffroom and feel free to tell your friends and colleagues! 

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smiley DISCUSSION POST: Looking ahead with 2020 vision, 22 October - 22 November 

As we move towards the end of 2019, we look ahead to 2020. What big picture trends effective us in our classrooms, schools and communities? What the national priorities for 2010 and what is our role to help make a national 30 year vision come to fruition? Join us in these discussions as we ignite further conversation in our social media challenge. Hosted in Leadership group.

Electronic football smiley DISCUSSION POST: Break out the games in your classroom, 30 October - 30 November

What kinds of games do your students play and why do they enjoy them? Are there some elements of game play that can be used in the classroom to increase engagement and enhance learning outcomes for students? There sure are! Join us as we host this discussion in the Teaching group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: How do students travel with their data? 6 November - 6 December

Apart from sharing student management data, how do students travel with their digital footprint between schools? In this discussion, we'll share some practical tips on backing-up different platforms for students to access, once they have moved on from your school. This discussion will be hosted in the Beyond the classroom group.

Learning with technology smiley DISCUSSION POST: What does new-age professional learning look like for teachers? 20 November - 20 December

As we approach 2020, what new professional learning developments have emerged for teachers to embrace, capture and or disrupt their thinking? How can e-learning tools and platforms support changes in teacher practice? This discussion will be hosted in the Professional Learning group.


Your input and ideas are valued and welcome in all of these forum discussions. This is your community, so please feel free to add your ideas, experience, expertise or wonderings. 



Plan to view our free online workshops 

All events can be found in the Enabling e-Learning calendar


smiley LIVE WEBINAR:  Getting ready with Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko, Digital Technologies National Digital Readiness programme​, 14 November, 3.45-4.45pm

Find out more about the Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko, Digital Technologies National Readiness Programme for both Māori Medium and English Medium. Sign up, bring your questions and queries about up-skilling kaiako (teachers) and pouahi (leaders) as we prepare to implement and strengthen digital technologies in the curriculum. Register now.

smiley   Technology webinar Technology Online webinar: The revised technology learning area, Thursday, 31 October
3.45 pm – 4.45 pm

Come along and hear Cheryl Pym describe and explore the revised technology learning area – helping you understand the curriculum change, including the strengthening of digital technologies.

At the webinar, there will also be time for you to ask Cheryl your questions. Register now.

smiley Recorded Interview: Digital tools for supporting Māori language, culture and identity, 4 December

There are a growing amount of digital tools to nurture and strengthen Māori language, culture, heritage and identity for all our learners. We talk to Te Mako Orzecki about strategies, processes apps and software that are invaluable for both teachers and students wanting to express themselves through tikanga and te reo Māori.

LEARNZ Field trips Term 4



Once again you and your class are invited on a very special learning journey in the following LEARNZ virtual field trips for Term 4:

  1. What`s the Plan Stan? - getting ready for an emergency, Term 4 starting 15 October 2019. More info and enrol at http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=whatstheplanstan194
  2. Waste not wasted - the science of waste at Kate Valley, Term 4 starting 5 November 2019. More info and enrol at http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=katevalley194

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