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Visarts summary to the 15th September 2019 Tena koutou


Visarts summary to the 15th September 2019


Tena koutou 

Nga mihi nui to all of those who have responded so graciously and generously to others on the forum this week. I am always impressed by this particular facet of the art community as a model of how all learning areas could be. 

Huge gratitude also for the sharing of some truly awesome resources and thought-provoking links.


Coming Up:

18th Sept CATA are holding a L1-3 folio reflection / fresh eyes / troubleshooting workshop from 7-9PM at Avonside Girls' High School next Wednesday and we warmly invite teachers from outlying areas to come along if you can (if you need a bunk for the night, let us know).


Primary / Junior Secondary links

Cut and paste collage - a great intro video for any collage unit covering the history of collage in an easily accessible way.

Overlapping tree collage for third grade

Layers of meaning - collage assignment for Year 9-10 but could be adapted either way

Maori Arts posters have just been published on the TRE,kōwhaiwhai , tukutuku ,raranga,   whakairo  ,tāniko

Arts Integration lessons - for cross curricular assignments


Senior - Cultural context and appropriation

I particularly enjoyed John’s response “what if it’s just a rising sun?” in the last summary threads as it inspired Jinny to respond with yet another great link about cultural symbolism and appropriation.


It also inspired me after my comment about dream catchers to read more about dreamcatcher appropriation. During a recent visit to the states my daughter learned about their purpose at the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Education Centre and requested one as a result above her bed. I then stumbled across this controversial advertising campaign; Johnny Depp row over Dior ad and Dior stands by creative process.

At the other end of the spectrum old-school samples of traditional singers are mashed up with the urban youth vibe in this video by A Tribe called Red in this track Stadium Pow Wow - featuring Black Bear


This would be great background research for any students appropriating cultural icons, I’m going to be saving the links under ‘Dream catchers’ and encouraging my students to do a similar investigation into cultural icons when they arise.


Threads from the past week:

Christopher wanted to know where people are at with the revised Digital Technologies Curriculum in schools

John is mulling over Large format printing and charging and is keen for input and more on charges in light of the Ombudsman’s report and the ongoing redefinition of school donations and fees.

L 3 authenticity of student work by teachers was broached by Paula who needs advice to support a student

The Wallace Trust has changed web address - and wanted people to update their URL bookmarks with:




Ma te wa...

Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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