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Visarts summary to the 8th September 2019


Visarts summary to the 8th September 2019


Tena koutou to you all and Mauri ora as we celebrate 

te wiki o te reo Māori 

Maybe your class playlist could include the recently released Waiata Anthems of contemporary track in te reo and maybe you just might want to buy the album  Dave Dobbyn did the same a while ago in 'Welcome Home' - Nau Mai Rā.

Here are some helpful strategies for te reo in the art room and Nga Tae - the colour wheel in te reo


Arts Month is also here - take part or be square!


Primary and Junior Secondary

For those of you who remembered this kōwhaiwhai poster from the 80s that I asked about ages ago - I found it and the original creator! Phillip Paea has very graciously agreed to let me immortalise it and the four others for the Teacher Resource Exchange.

Nga mihi nui to those of you who were able to supply the ISBN which got the ball rolling - there will be 5 posters in total uploaded.


Guerilla Art projects for younger students - some easy ways for students to use chalk and yarn to experiment with site-specific works and interact with their local environment.


Threads this week

  • Nyree is still wondering if anyone has delivered integrated arts programs in middle school

  • Shannon asked about electronics in departments outside of day-to-day requests

  • Rowena has a multi-level KAMAR markbook issue and some great responses may have provided a solution.

  • Christopher enquired if anyone has begun integrating the revised digital technologies curriculum at their school

  • Adele was asking about conventions related to a 2.5 coffee table book

  • Megan posted the Corban Estate Education workshops for Term 4

  • Sarah shared some great web design resources in response to Marcel’s request


Kia pai tō wiki 

Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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