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Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 3 2019?


Term 3 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events


Robots and AITēnā koutou, talofa lava, here are the Enabling e-Learning community events planned for Term 3 2019. This term we bring you a new selection of online professional learning opportunities that highlight how; e-learning tools enhance learning and Digital Technologies content can be integrated into the classroom.

As always, please feel free to get involved, share experience and expertise of your own or make contact directly if you have any queries or requests. You may also wish to print off the flyer for your staffroom and feel free to tell your friends and colleagues! 

See you online! smiley


Join our discussions


smiley DISCUSSION POST: Using digital technologies and social media for good, 31 July - 31 August

As more and more of our students explore digital spaces online, we're well aware of the need to teach digital citizenship skills, but what about using social media tools for good? In this discussion thread, we explore citizenship and what this means to a multicultural national - both online and off. Hosted in, Beyond the Classroom group.

Electronicssmiley DISCUSSION POST: Robotics and electronics in the classroom, 15 August - 15 September

Many of us are exploring the new digital technologies content and making links to electronics and coding. In this discussion forum we talk about what robotics and electronics to choose and use and how they can be used in authentic learning contexts. This discussion supports the webinar and will be hosted in the Leadership group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: Place-based learning and culturally responsive practice in a localised curriculum, 28 August - 28 September

Place-based education promotes learning that is rooted in what is local, in terms of a student's immediate schoolyard, neighbourhood, town or community - the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature, and art of a particular place (Wikipedia). In this discussion, we look at how digital technologies can support place-based learning, bringing local school stories and cultural histories to life. Hosted in the Teaching group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: Career pathways beyond school, 4 September - 4 October

We often talking about a rapidly changing world and workforce, which our school leavers will be entering. In this discussion we explore how learning through, with and about digital technologies can open up pathways for senior students that lead to technology-related career options. Hosted in the Teaching group.

Māori language weeksmiley DISCUSSION POST: Te wiki o te reo Māori, 11 September - 11 October

Te wiki o te reo Māori (9-15 Mahuru) is a week focused on te reo Māori. The theme is Kia Kaha te Reo Māori. Get involved in our weekly challenge and become an active part of a larger Māori language revival movement. This discussion will be hosted in the Professional learning group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: Using 3D printing in real-world contexts, 18 September - 18 October

Got a 3D printer, but getting stuck for ideas? Want a 3D printer, but not sure how it can be used effectively? In this discussion we share how 3D printers are authentically used in primary and secondary classrooms. This event supports the live webinar of the same name and will be hosted in the Technologies group.


Your input and ideas are valued and welcome in all of these forum discussions. This is your community, so please feel free to add your ideas, experience, expertise or wonderings. 



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All events can be found in the Enabling e-Learning calendar


smiley LIVE WEBINAR:  Choosing and using robotics and electronics in authentic contexts​, 21 August, 3.45pm - 4.45pm

How do you make decisions about what robotics and electronics to buy, and how to use them in your school? Sign up for this live webinar with Clive Francis as we discuss how to choose and use a variety of robotics and electronics that support both Computational Thinking and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes. Please note, this is an informal Q&A session where your questions and ideas become part of this hui. Register Now.Jet engine

smiley LIVE WEBINAR: Using 3D printing in real-world contexts, 26 September, 3.45pm - 4.45pm

In this webinar with Karl Summerfield, we explore examples of how students (primary and secondary) are using 3D printers to make parts, objects and artefacts to respond to authentic needs. We'll also make links to Computational Thinking and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes. Register Now. 

LEARNZ Field trips Term 3



Once again you and your class are invited on a very special learning journey. Find out how to get involved in the following LEARNZ field trips for Term 3:

  1. Tūhura Ahuahu: cultural and ecological stories from Great Mercury Island 30 July to 1 August
  2. Rail safety: more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand 13-15 August
  3. Natural Hazards: our supervolcano 27-29 August
  4. Rāranga tuku iho, tohatoha whiwhi ōrite: dual heritage, shared future 12-12 September

For the teachers: Teacher PLD web conference early in Term 3 – date TBC.

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The e-Learning Round-Up: Every 3 weeks

Enjoy our regular digest of e-learning from across the VLN groups communities. Published every fortnight - straight to you!  Every member of the Enabling e-Learning group receives this via email.

Image source: Image sources: Jisc: Episode nine: the rise of the robots - future tech in education, Flickr: VEX IQ Demo Robots & ProjectsFlickr; books, Te Reo Māori, Christchurch City Libraries, Photo by Moata Tamaira Wikipedia; CMitchell (talk | contribs) HCC 3D printed turbine view.