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Musicnet Summary to 21 June 2019

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By MartinEmo

Kia ora tātou


As we enter the last 2 weeks of the term for most of you in schools it seems that everyone is piled high with report writing, parent-teacher conferences, assessments, concerts and teaching the students who arrive each day in your classroom. Perhaps you’ll think of showing them this video thanks to Derek.


Before you blink, the term will be over, along with your chance to secure the early-bird price on the Menza Conference. It takes less than 30seconds to register, but you need to do so before 1st July.


To all of you who replied to the post earlier in the week on the ‘Why of Teaching’, thank you for your supportive comments and advice.


Summary to 21 June 2019

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General (for all Music Levels)

Do you use Staff Pad for notation?

Article outlining experiences of school singing.

Nick wants first hand experience and advice for using any Midi-Guitar capturing.

More discussion on Soundproofing.



New works for 91277

Resources for L3 Harmonic and Tonal Conventions.


Professional Development and Events

Auckland Youth Orchestra 22-30 June in Northland and Auckland

NoE Menza Secondary Music Day - 26 July Invercargill

Massey University College of Creative Arts Immersion day, 8th July in WLG.

Bruce Pearson 3rd July in WLG.

Barber of Seville schools show in WLG and CHCH.

MENZA Conference 7-9 October https://menzaconference.co.nz/



Flute/Oboe in AKL.

Flute/Sax in AKL.

Choir director in AKL.

Drum/Band in WLG.


Ngā mihi


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