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Visarts summary 3rd March


Visarts summary to the 3rd of March 2019


Mauriora -

Thanks to those who attended the Point-5 / Alt-Ed best practice workshop in Christchurch. I believe other regions are also gearing up to host similar NZQA Best Practice Workshops which are very worthwhile.  I urge all mainstream Art teachers to reach out to your local Alternative Education providers as it is very helpful for those supporting at-risk students through NCEA to have art standards as part of their programmes.


Coming Up /Jobs:

Friday May 24th - Untitled: Creative Futures Conference  - https://www.facebook.com/UntitledCreativeFuturesConference/

Whanganui Collegiate -Term 2 this year - Maternity cover position- Design specialist preferable.


Primary /  Junior secondary links


Coming Threads over the past week:


Kia pai tō wiki



Bridget Blair

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