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Musicnet Summary to 1 Feb 2019

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou


Over the last week I’ve seen more and more activity on the Musicnet list, so it seems the holidays are over! I do hope you have all had a rest, and refresh.


There have been a large number of new members to the Musicnet list. Welcome to Christine, Emma, Daniel, Nicola, Kate, Lee, Damian, Simon, Tom, Nathan, Jodi, Lucy, ABby, Tak, Joe, Lauren and Cat. My top tip is to make an email rule to automatically put all of the Musicnet emails into a folder, so you can manage the volume.


Changes to the Musicnet server and platform mean that you cannot view any of the messages online or the the archives without logging in with your email and password. They are no-longer public. The archives have also been moved to here.  Any issues do get in touch.


This email is a selective summary of the activity over the end of December and last week. Sit back with a cup of tea and have a read.


Summary to 1 Feb 2019


General (for all Music Levels)

Trevor notified the list of Margaret Williams died in early January. Thanks for all of you who have shared your memories and stories of her.

How do you book your practice rooms?

Tips for sound systems and playing music off laptops/phones in the music classroom.

You need a car for your Grease production? Buy one used here.

New pieces for Double Reeds entering the NZ Chamber Music Competition were highlighted.

Musical staves on a whiteboard.



Maire is looking for some general advice for teaching primary music to Pasifika students.

Primary Teachers Conference 15-16 April.



Resources for units for Yr 10-11 on Maori music/Reggae/NZ.

Which of the two Level 1 External exams is more ‘doable’ for students with low musical literacy?

New ideas for Level 2 Music works.

Have you taught the Maori Performing Arts Standards before?

Sounz has a new Level 1, 2 and 3 resource coming out on Claire Cowan’s Subtle Dances.


Professional Development and Events

Hawkes Bay and Nelson PLD as part of the Music Networks of Expertise.

Ableton Live/Push/Launchpads PLD around NZ.

Kodaly training in Hawkes Bay.

Titirangi Chamber Choir, AKL, is seeking new members.

Musical Futures PD in April, AKL.


For students:

The Auckland Performing Arts Centre has a large number of classes on offer this term.  

The NZSM Young Musicians Program still has some spaces for their instrumental, composition and audio engineering classes.



Yvette is available for relief in AKL in March and April.

Awesome LTR for Term 2 in AKL.

Big Band and Jazz Combo Director vacancy AKL.

Guitar/Bass/Sax/Drum ITM vacancy in AKL.

Brass/Sax/Clarinet ITM vacancy in AKL.

Various ITM vacancies in WLG.

Part time LTR Secondary Music in AKL.

Clarinet vacancy in AKL.

Part-time Chair of MENZA Network of Excellence.

Full-time Secondary Music in AKL.

Drum and possibly other instruments ITM vacancy in AKL.

Violin Vacancy AKL.

Brass ITM vacancy in CHCH

Drum ITM vacancy in Masterton.

Cello and Piano ITM vacancies in CHCH.


Ngā mihi


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