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Musicnet Summary to 1 Dec 2018

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou


So far, the thread about ‘One thing you changed this year’ is almost as long as when I ran it in 2017. If you haven't contributed, do so now!


Dates for the bi-annual MENZA conference have been confirmed for Oct 7-9 2019. The theme is “RemiX” and will be held in Christchurch. If you haven’t been to one before, make sure you put it in your diary, budget request form and be there! More details to follow.


Summary to 1st December 2018


General (for all Music Levels)

Michael is looking for support in raising the wage of Out Of School Music Class teachers. Contact him directly.

What computer programs do you use for Year 9-10?

Do you know of an app for notating rhythm via tapping?

Lord of the Rings Music Analysis on youtube.

Sheet music for sale.

Steelband Opportunity in AKL.

A demo of a great sight reading tool is available here.

Don’t Stop the Music, a 3-part series on the impact of Music in Primary schools in Australia.



Creative powerhouse and ICT guru Duncan Ferguson has announced a number of important updates and new items for his Learning Ideas resources. Do read this email if you teach or want to teach the Technology/Music Production standards

There are some concerns with the recent Level 3 Harmony exam. Do read this thread and see how you can give feedback.


Professional Development and Events

NZ School of Music 2019 Jazz Project is 5-7 June.

NZ Opera Schools in Tour details for 2019

The Daytime conferences by EDnet have announced all of their dates. Check this link for deals for NZ teachers.



Christchurch School of Music is holding auditions for their 2019 Girl’s Choir.

University of Canterbury is holding auditions for the UC Christchurch Youth Orchestra 3rd Dec from 5:30 onwards.



Secondary classroom teacher in AKL.

Secondary classroom teacher, Term 2 in AKL.

Brass, Double Reed, Double Bass in AKL.

Sax and Jazz in AKL.


Ngā mihi


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