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e-Learning round up | 8 November 2018

Bula, tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e lelei everyone and welcome to the latest e-learning pānui for November. We're continuing to roll our spotlight webinars, interviews with a guru and encourage you to engage with topics as they relate to your own interests and needs. If you missed it, you can still watch this spotlight webinar on playback.

The Enabling e-Learning community calendar of events as well as the Enabling e-Learning newsletter (TKI) can keep you up to date with the latest developments - in terms of e-learning in education. Why not get involved, join us online and add to these stories as well.

Next up on the calendar:

Umu and hangismiley INTERVIEW WITH A GURU: Sujata Rajagopal, An integrated investigation: Science at Taita College, 13 November

Join us in this interview with a guru, as Sujata Rajagopal (HOD Science) talks about a science thematic project (umu and hangi) that integrates several strands of the curriculum in a culturally responsive way, and enables students to achieve multiple NCEA credits from several different disciplines. This discussion will be hosted in the Teaching group.

smiley DISCUSSION POST: An integrated investigation: Science at Taita College, 4 December (date changed)

We profile this inspirational story from the Gazette and interview Sujata Rajagopal (HOD Science) about a thematic project that integrates several strands of the curriculum in a culturally responsive way that enables students to achieve multiple NCEA credits from several different disciplines. This discussion will be hosted in the Teaching group.

Hei konā mai,

Tess and the Enabling e-Learning team smiley 

Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the classroom


Barrie Matthews shares two new LEARNZ virtual field trips, an immersive way for students to learn through virtual experiences. Watch the following introduction videos for Term 4's virtual field trips, diary and/or replay the teacher PLD recordings here:


imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


Teaching logo Learning and Teaching


smiley DISCUSSION POST: Exploring Progress outcomes 2 for CT and DDDO28 November 

Building on planning ideas for Progress Outcomes 1 for CT and DDDO, we continue to familiarise ourselves with the terminology and intentions of the Progress outcomes 2 linking to Digital technologies content material and examples of practice from the Enabling e-Learning media gallery. This discussion will be hosted in the Teaching group.

Design thinking

Design thinking in the curriculumIs your school envisioning how your students will have more choice and voice in their learning? Are you revisiting your schools’ model for learning or looking to create an inquiry-based or project-based model to enable students to develop critical, creative, problem solving skills? If so, it might be timely to look into adopting a framework like 'design thinking', a model for learning that encourages students to be curious about the world they live in and empowered to change it for the better. Find out more >>>

Design thinking and hangarau matihiko in a kura kaupapa settingTe Kura o Matapihi, are doing some amazing things with hangarau matihiko (digital technologies), through a process of design thinking; to tell and re-tell their stories. If this something you're interested in, in your school or kura, then you'll want to know more.

Snapshot of Learning: STEM learning at Muritai SchoolJacky Young (accredited facilitator) is asking for any knowledge (ideas and examples) about STEM and STEAM in schools to add to this crowd-sourced slideshow. Please feel free to add to this collaborative slideshow.

Collaborationsmiley DISCUSSION POST: Nurturing collaborative partnerships, 5 December

Leaders are teachers and teachers are leading learning in schools, CoLs and Kāhui Ako. This discussion post will explore collaborative partnerships in teachings, collaborative professional inquiry and building relational trust. We'll explore some tools to support collaborative inquiry, share case studies and invite you to ask patai or share examples of effective practice. This discussion is hosted in the Professional learning group.

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Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning


Tāpasa cultural competenciesTapasā: Cultural Competencies Framework for Teachers of Pacific Learners: Tapasā: Cultural Competencies Framework for Teachers of Pacific Learners is a guide designed to help build the capability of all teachers of Pacific learners to enrich teacher relationships and engagement with Pasifica learners and with their fono or families. How might you weave the Tapasā: Cultural Competencies into your reflective practice?

New Collaborative Partners: Merryl reflects on some examples of collaborative teaching partnerships that have been shared from the Grow Waitaha collaborative initiative. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming discussion post, Nurturing collaborative partnerships, 5 December. Any other resources, ideas, experiences are welcome.

Collaborative inquirysmiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: What is collaborative inquiry? 3 December

In this webinar (2014), Rebbecca Sweeney talks about the process of moving from individual to collaborative inquiry, leadership of collaborative inquiry in schools, CoLs and Kāhui Ako, partnerships with learners and the wider community and shares examples of how collaborative inquiry can work. This webinar is hosted in the Professional learning group.

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red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction

Preparing for Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko in the Technologies learning area: More resources are shared regularly in this thread to help support you as you prepare to implement Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko in the Technologies Learning area in your curriculum. How are you and your colleagues unpacking this mahi so far? We'd love to hear more.


Innovation webinarsmiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: What does innovation look like in your school? 26 November

As part of current trends looking more deeply into designing thinking, authentic integration through STEM/STEAM, we revisit this webinar (2014), and hear how Alexia Hilbertidou has created a movement that encourages young NZ women to take up STEM and STEAM subjects at school and follow those passions into successful careers. This discussion is hosted in the Leadership group.

e-Learning leadership webinarsmiley SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: e-Learning leadership, what does it take? 12 December

How is leadership different from e-learning leadership? In this webinar (2015), we revisit what it takes to be an e-learning leader with Richard McLaren sharing his experiences at Shirley Boy's High School. This webinar is hosted in the Leadership group.


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Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure

MDM Options: Sara Parker shares some advice around using Zulu park, an easy and fast solution as an Apple profile manager. Anything else to add? 

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  • Check out the up-coming promotional events in Term 4 2018. Please feel free to on share, get involved and contribute to these events.
  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: On this page, you'll find the recorded webinars (and interviews) from 2011 to current. These include; teacher portfolios, innovative learning environments, BYOD, digital teacher portfolios, computational thinking, ILEs, robotics, gaming, Digital Technologies in the curriculum and more! 

New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ

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Image source: Design Model from Kiatakatū ā-Matihiko National Digital Readiness Programme.