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Musicnet Summary to 3 Nov 2018

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou


This Wednesday, I am heading to Los Angeles for a week as a guest at Ableton Loop. It’s “three days of discussions, performances, presentations, studio sessions, installations and interactive workshops aimed at exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of music, technology and creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators and other creative thinkers, Loop is a collective exploration of what it is to make music today and what it could be tomorrow.”


Past videos are available here, including a PHD analysis of the use of beats in Breakbeat and Drum and Bass and beyond. Some events are being streamed for free, and the schedule is quite good for New Zealand time, being during the daytime, as opposed to at 2am in the morning. Check it out here. I’d encourage you to have a look and maybe tell some of your students.  


Whilst I’m away, the Musicnet list will operate as normal, being looked after by Maria Lute (MLute@cognitioneducation.com)


Summary to 3 Nov 2018


General (for all Music Levels)

The latest Computer Music newsletter is out.

Do you make music with students in the accessibility community or the special education department? Have a look at these awesome tools.

Do you participate in the Big Sing? Warwick has some research questions for you!

Where do you get covers made for Music stands?

Do you have a digital mixing desk? What do you recommend?



Composition Authenticity statements were discussed and some ideas to make them more manageable.

NZSM Young Musicians Program 2019 applications are open and due by the 16th Nov. The includes the Composition 1 Module: Audio recording and Mixing essentials.


Professional Development and Events

Registrations for the Computer Games PD in AKL on the 16th Nov close this Tuesday.

The Waitaki Summer Music Camp still has some spaces.

NZ Trio Tour dates are out for the rest of this year, and asking for pencil bookings for next year.

NZ Middle School Honours Band Festival 16-17 Sept 2019.

Choral Scholarships in Wellington 2019 at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.


A Primary Music reliever is sought in AKL.


Ngā mihi


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