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Visarts summary to the 22nd July 2018

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By Bridget Blair


Visarts summary to the 22nd July 2018


Kia ora koutou,

Welcome back to Term 3 for those of you in the teaching sector. I hope you managed to get some downtime during the break and I look forward as usual to the wide-ranging discussions that crop up in such a diverse group.


Inspiration for animators:

Dot - the world’s smallest stop-motion filmed on a Nokia by Aardman Sumo Science and Gulp - the largest


Primary/Junior Secondary

Wild Things Drawing Assignment (Yr 7 but could be adapted up or down)


Professional Reading:

Art Education vital for learning about the world - Professor David Bell Otago University, Otago Daily Times

Kakahu / blankets - Jo Torr wearable arts with a bicultural theme of the mutual cultural exchange between Polynesian and European peoples.

Playmobile meets art -


The NCEA Review was mentioned in a previous summary. Now is the time to be discussing this with colleagues and contributing to the discussion.

There are six ‘Big Opportunities’ outlined as well as a few discussion documents that provide a background to the NCEA review and other information.


Associated with the NCEA review is a series of Art competitions - the first:

Make your Mark - Art Competition : Young minds young dreams - Ages 5-12 closes 29th July.


mā te wā




Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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