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Visarts summary to the 16th July 2018


Visarts summary to the 16th July 2018


Kia ora koutou,

Well after a period of hopeful spring we are back to winter weather again, hopefully everyone is keeping warm and dry.

It has been a quiet week on the forum during term break but please remember there are some exciting events coming up:


Coming Up / On Now:

There are other categories with a longer lead times but this one is a back to school activity for sure.


Primary / junior secondary links:

Counting on Art - a brilliant set of resources targeted at Maths/Visual Arts:  Wayne Thiebaud Cake/Fractions unit differentiated for primary/intermediate with an online cake maker and Alexander Calder Mobile/ Fibonacci / balance unit with online mobile maker.

Artful maths - great lesson plans, presentations and task sheets


Science and Art: This was in last week’s summary but if you have time during the break well worth a watch


mā te wā




Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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