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Visarts Summary to 18th June


Visarts summary to the 18th June


Talofa lava, malo e lelei, kia ora Visarts community,


I have a need to search out levity during term two. Over-tiredness from relentless report writing meant I was crying in laughter at these ignorant Stock Photos and the professionals’ comments accompanying them.

This one, while not so funny is at least is about teachers.

Coming up -

  • NCEA Have your say...site includes art competitions for students

  • Wed 20th June ASATA meeting - next Wednesday at Epsom Girls' Grammar School, 4pm start.

  • 7 Days left to enter the D-Photo competition - simple to upload images online and no fees

  • Lens culture does have fees and is more targeted at aspiring teachers maybe?

  • Sat 7th July ELAM Secondary School Student Retreat 2018

  • Semi Permanent Auckland - If you are interested in attending or bringing students. Kindly  email Linda for tertiary pricing and packages.



Links for  Primary / Junior Secondary


Professional Reading:

I’m not a luddite but the recent establishment of the Centre of Humane Technology by a handful of people with formerly vested interests should give people food for thought, including this TED talk by co-founder Tristan Harris How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

Related links:


Kia kaha - in your advocacy to give our kids access to quality art education



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