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Visarts summary to the 9th April

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By Bridget Blair


Visarts summary to the 9th April

Talofa lava to the Visarts fanau,

Well - having Easter break within term time this year felt like a lifesaver in our neck of the woods. I hope that everyone currently teaching is looking forward to some extra time with family and friends in the coming school break.


Thanks this week to those who replied to others with resources and to Jennie for coordinating an NZQA BPW for interested teachers.

Also huge thanks to those who contributed with letters and cards for Bronwyn Taylor - if you missed this please contact me through Visartsnet.



Brandon Intermediate School in Porirua, Wellington, maternity leave position, 4th June- 13th Dec - 0.6 Visual Arts specialist teacher, see the Gazette

St Bedes was looking for interest in some possible part-time hours until the end of the year.


Upcoming PD opportunities…


Upcoming Events

HERE & NOW is a four-day takeover of the ASB Waterfront Theatre during the April school holidays


Threads over the past couple of weeks:

  • Photography resources and where to store them for use when there is an intermission between shooting and reflecting in class…

  • Getting rid of NCEA Level 1 - some already have - some are waiting for outcomes of NCEA review….

  • The mystery of the missing folio boards was solved - if no-one is home to sign for a board then it gets returned to NZQA

  • Ayisha asked for critical thinking links, resources and ideas for her inquiry

  • 1.3 across the fields of Photography and Design was discussed

  • John was curious about pronto plate - a litho-fil that can be photocopied and then used as a printmaking plate

  • Hannah asked about 1.4 folios for L1 digital art courses - thanks heaps to those who not only responded but attached example folios


Primary/Junior Secondary Art:

Mathart - a great site combining geometry and art

A great triptych painting to learn about a range of colour schemes - in-depth instructions great for beginners

Foreground midground background with printable


Links for fun:


Professional Reading Links


Kia pai tō wiki



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz

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