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Visarts summary to the 18th March


Visarts summary to the 18th March


Kia ora koutou,

It sounds like the art of the cliche, appropriation and pastiche is alive and well for our students judging on some great thread contributions. I think the upshot from the discussion is that it is typical of the age/stage secondary students are at and while subjects may get stale quickly for us, the key is to make sure students can engage with ideas past a superficial level for success.

Thanks to Camilla and the other Photographers already populating the Photography Group-Arts Online (FB page) as a result of the database - I am aware that this is not the first choice of platform for some (thanks to those who provided feedback about a range of platforms)  but this is the only one that currently that fits the needs of this group - and trust me, a bit of leg-work went on in the background to look for alternatives…

If any other interest groups want to work together I am happy to facilitate this as part of my role with Arts Online.


  • How to scrub the 'Social Media influence' out of these kids? - hehe... we feel your pain Heidi !

  • What did you learn from verification/moderation last year? - great thread initiated by Jonathan

  • Seeking thoughts on a level 3 design board - Lynden asked for some feedback

  • Design and Contemporary Arts at Unitec 2018

  • Illustration for Design Folios? - Mallory sought advice

  • Ayisha requested helpful links for critical thinking


Coming up:

  • 24th March - Michel Tuffery workshop for ASATA members

  • Art and Sound education experience at the City Gallery Wellington (on now)

  • Wed 28th March 9.30-2.30 Auckland - Teaching past the Frangipanai - Pasifika Arts Fono - RSVP

  • Professional development for teachers at Te Tuhi


  • Primary - Children’s Art SchooL  on the University of Auckland’s Epsom Campus Sat mornings.

  • Kapiti College - part time - check the gazette


Primary / Junior Secondary - tribute to Bourgeois:


Secondary Links - copyright food for thought...


Secondary History links:


Links for general interest:


Pasifika Art  - interactive link for primary/ junior secondary

Pasifika Patterns - An interactive website that allows learners to learn about symmetry and rotation but investigating pasifika patterns and making their own mat design with a printing option at the end

Contemporary and Customary Practices - Te Papa resource with ideas for lesson planning Professional Reading Links:


Professional Reading Links

  • Dutch Gov. to inject 80 mill. Euros into Arts - my favourite lines from this article “youth must also be confronted with theater, films and books on difficult subjects, like homosexuality, discrimination, bullying and forced prostitution.” “ schools are being challenged to visit with their pupils culture that chafes".

  • New Indian school aims to prioritize happiness - looks a lot like our MLE’s but maybe with less emphasis on the “core” subjects


NZ News:

Whitecliffe Art School sold to Vancouver-based entrepreneur Feroz Ali


Kia pai tō wiki



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