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Musicnet Summary to 10 April 2018

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou,

It’s been two weeks since the last Musicnet summary due to Easter and short weeks.

The winners of the annual Hook Line and Sing a Long have been announced. Congratulations to James Constable from Rangiora High School with his song “The Smell of Sunscreen”.


Have a read of this thread talking about what to do with reluctant performers at Year 10. Some great ideas were shared.  


It is sad that the DAYTiME (a Day of Technology in Music Education) won’t be running in AKL this year. However, there is a very special rate for any NZer wishing to attend their DAYTiMEs in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. Do contact EDNET if you are thinking about it as they can help you find accomodation.


Summary to 10 April 2018


General (for all Music Levels)



  • Some outstanding sources of posters and things to put on classroom walls.


Professional Development/Concerts/Competitions



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